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2/2 Frame Hand Extractor
2/2 Frame Hand Extractor
2/2 Frame Hand Extractor

$ 290.00 - without legs.

$ 350.00 - with legs.

Stainless Steel Barrel with nylon honey gate .
Cone shaped bottom so honey drains to honey gate .
Extracts 2 deep or 2 medium frames .
Metal drive gears - 3/1 ratio .
Spin out one side of the frames in 50 turns
of the hand crank in less than a minute.
Can be adapted to bolt to a workbench.
Just attach angle brackets to the extractor.
2/2 Frame Hand Extractor
Here we are extracting honey.
The workbench is 18 inches off the floor.
A honey pail fits nicely under the honey gate,
and the hand crank is at a comfortable height.

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