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Hive Top Feeder

Hive Top Feeder

$ 28.00 ea.

Sits over feeder hole on inner cover.
Bees access syrup from hole in center cone.
Easy to monitor and fill without disturbing bees.
Can be used with syrup or dry sugar.
To close in - build a spacer box out of 1 x 4 lumber ,
or simply use an empty honey super.

Hive Top Feeder

After the honey has been removed.

In this configuration we have a single brood box with mouse guard,
the inner cover is installed with the upper entrance facing down ,
and a hive top feeder surrounded by an empty medium honey super.

We leave our hive top feeders on all Winter. The empty honey super
provides extra room to put a piece of styrofoam insulation on top of the feeder.
The upper entrance vents any extra moisture that might build up in the hive.
The bees will regulate the size of the upper entrance with propolis to suit
their needs. We put an oversized piece of plywood on top to keep the rain out.

A hive top feeder can be as simple as an upside down pail or jar with tiny
holes poked in the lid , sitting over the feeder hole in the inner cover.

You can see how the bees have closed down the upper entrance with propolis.
Bees are like beavers - little engineers that regulate the size of the upper
entrance to control the venting of the upper entrance and preventing the
" chimney effect " .

Upper Entrance

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