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Plastic Foundation

Plastic Foundation

Made in U.S.A.

Plastic Foundation - wax coated

Standard plastic foundation   $ 1.75 ea.
case of 100     $ 165.00
Available in white and black.

Medium plastic foundation    $ 1.60 ea.
case of 150    $ 225.00
Available in white .

Medium plastic foundation    $ 1.60 ea.
case of 100    $ 150.00
Available in black.

We don't carry beeswax foundation because of the greater risk of contamination,
by either chemicals or pathogens. We don't know the history of the beeswax.
( Well actually we do , and that is what scares us.)
The Asian honeybee produces a beeswax that locally is called GHEDDA . This
beeswax is not the same as beeswax produced by the European honeybee. GHEDDA
has the same melting point as beeswax from the European honeybee but is softer
at room temperature .
All the large bee supply companies in the USA source their beeswax foundation
from Asia where the use of chemicals is widespread and is residual in the beeswax.

Wax coated plastic foundation is very durable and resistant to wax moth and other
little varmits. The thin wax coating is a reduced risk of contamination.

One of the benefits of using wax coated plastic foundation is that the beekeeper
can use their own beeswax from their own hives to coat the foundation , thus
eliminating the risk of contamination . And if applied thicker than the manufacturer ,
the bees will accept the foundation more readily and build comb quicker. Hot
beeswax can be applied with a natural bristle pastry brush for small batches ,
or dipped in a large pot of beeswax for larger batches. The pot doesn't need to
be the full 20 inches deep to dip a full sheet of foundation - a ten inch deep
pot will be adequate to dip the foundation halfway and then turn the foundation
around and then dip the other half.

We all know that the bees prefer beeswax foundation over wax coated plastic
foundation , but when not given a choice the bees they will work the wax coated
foundation and build comb. We have never used beeswax foundation and have never
experienced any problems with bees not building comb on wax coated plastic foundation.

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