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Apiary Registration Form - B.C. Ministry of Agriculture


Burnaby Beekeepers Association
Chilliwack Beekeeping Community Facebook page
Langley Bee Club
North Fraser Bee Club - Maple Ridge Bee Club
Richmond Bee Club
Sea to Sky Beekeepers Facebook page
Sunshine Coast Beekeepers Facebook page
Surrey Bee Club

Red Eagle Top Bar Beekeeping Blog

Top bar hive community forum in the Vancouver area.

How To Build A Top Bar Hive

Top Bar Beehive plans by Phil Chandler

Strathcona Beekeepers

Bruce Little has a webpage with a lot of good information for beekeepers,
including a resource library and videos. Bruce is involved with a community
garden in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver and gives educational tours .

Beginning Beekeeping

A printable pdf file with lots of good information for newbees from
the University of Kentucky - 99% relevant to beekeeping in the Lower
Mainland and Fraser Valley - a very good read.

The Waggle Dance Decoded

An interactive shock wave flash file from North Carolina State University
that decodes the waggle dance .

West Mountain Apiary

Lots of great info about Bees .

Bee Nutrition in B.C.

Apiculture Factsheet #410 - Ministry of Agriculture - B.C. - Bee Nutrition

Everett Hastings - Bee Breeder

The New World Carniolan was created by cross breeding bees from Everett Hastings
in Birch Hills , Sask . with bees from Northern California during the 1980's .

Strachan Apiaries

Strachan Apiaries is the largest producer of the New World Carniolan .
Their website has a good page on queen introduction and a history of the NWC .

University of Georgia - small cell foundation study.

A study on the effectiveness of using small cell foundation to control varroa mites

Swarm Prevention and Splits

A power point presentation about swarm prevention with different types of splits,
from Michael Bush of Bush Farms-Beekeeping.

A simple approach to Hobby Beekeeping.

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