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All woodenware is made in Canada.

Outer cover w/metal lid

Outer Cover w/metal lid
$ 28.00 ea.
Locally Made.

Inner cover

Inner Cover w/feeder hole
$ 18.00 ea.
Locally Made.

 bee escape

Quebec Style Bee Escape
$ 20.00 ea.

 Standard Super

Supers - unassembled - Western Pine
7/8" thick - Premium grade - Finger joints
Standard 10 Frame Super    $ 21.00 ea.
Medium 10 Frame Super    $ 18.00 ea.

 Bottom Board

Solid Bottom Board
$ 17.50 ea.
Locally Made.

 Screened Bottom Board

Screened Bottom Board w/drawer

galvanized screen - $ 35.00 ea.

Increases ventilation in the hive and is a
chemical free method of mite control.
Locally Made.

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