Build your very own mason bee house from our DIY kit. There will be 12 holes for your mason bees to fill. It's easy and fun!

Cocoons are not included.
Finished product may not look exactly as pictured.

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Entry-level CHALET

Choose from two different styles of 30-hole mason bee houses. See the well-made CHALET (above) or the classy ROYAL model. Simple and effective!

Cocoons are not included.
Available models in stock may vary.

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Introducing, the CASTLE

This is the mason bee CASTLE - a new level in BC Bee Supply's selection. It features a 50-hole house and a deluxe guard against birds and other predators.

Cocoons are not included.
Limited supply on this model.

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Mason Bee RENTAL PROGRAM! Pay $50 and get over $120 in value, and WE do all of the work.

  • Mason Bee Shelter

  • 100-hole "Condo"

  • 50+ cocoons

  • Mud tray

Simply install the items above and return to us this Summer!

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Mason Bee Rental Program

Contact BC Bee Supply to get local pollinators in your garden and near your home. Special introductory rate for new customers! You get the pollination; we get the work!

Start keeping mason bees today!

BC Bee Supply is proud to increase our line of mason bee products! We have everything from cocoons (packs of 10) to the tools that can harvest and preserve the bees yourself.

We have a full range of houses:
- cardboard tubes
- do-it-yourself kits
- starter "cottages"
- "chalets, castles, condos" too
- viewing/observation windows

and then there is the RENTAL PROGRAM:

For only, $50 (introduction price), get yourself:

  • 1 x set of cocoons (30)

  • 1 x 10 tray condo

  • 1 x wooden shelter

  • 1 x mud tray

and after the season, all you have to do is return the entire unit to BC Bee Supply.

You get the pollination; we get the work!


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Harvest Tool

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Petri Dish

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