Oxalic Acid

Referencing an article from Randy Oliver's Scientific Beekeeping website, it is worthwhile to consider using oxalic acid vapour to treat beehives for varroa mites.

This article, amongst many others, details at the end that mite kill is about 95% on a single treatment.

An additional benefit is that oxalic acid is less likely to have a substantial impact on the queen bee and bees in the hive.

Medhat Nasr, former Provincial Apiarist of Alberta, confirms that vaporized oxalic is very gentle to the bees.

BC Bee Supply carries both oxalic acid and a vaporizer that can be powered with a standard 12V. Please click below or contact us to order.

Oxalic Acid

Drench or Dribble

The very act of giving an oxalic acid drench to a honeybee colony causes mites to drop as the bees really have to groom themselves and they physically make the mites fall off.

Drenching or dribbling an oxalic acid / sugar water solution on the bees is suitable anytime of year. Please note that if you do this procedure during the late Fall or Winter months, we urge you to be quick. Most beekeepers do not want to chill the bees so choose your "treatment day" and the time of day wisely.

There are many formulas available from a number of sources. Here is one example:

1 litre of syrup to 35 g oxalic makes a 3.5% solution.

Use warm syrup so the acid dissolves easily.

Many beekeepers choose the drench method as they find it faster, easier and safer for the beekeeper.

BC Bee Supply is proud to supply premixed sugar syrup, oxalic acid and medical syringes in stock most times of the year.

Sugar Syrup and more

Safety Items

There is little question that fumes from both oxalic acid, formic acid and other chemicals are toxic to humans.

However, as long as they are used to treat mites and other conditions that adversely affect bees, beekeepers will have to practice and apply safe procedures and equipment to protect themselves.

BC Bee Supply can be counted on to stock protective gloves, goggles, respirators and other recommended equipment to help beekeepers maintain good health while maintaining healthy hives.

Stay tuned for additional products that may be helpful in your application of oxalic acid.

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