Absolute Beginner Beekeeping Class

Start your beekeeping journey here! Whether you love honey, are amazed by honeybees, want to enhance your garden or want to become a beekeeper, this “first step” is a worthwhile one.  This four-hour introduction to recreational beekeeping will get you familiar with most topics faced by “backyard beekeepers” in Burnaby and beyond.

Novice/Intermediate Beekeeping Class - so you own a hive. Now what?

This class is perfect if you have a little experience with beekeeping already. We'll cover some of the basics as well as a few more advanced techniques. This four-hour class plus live inspection (scheduled for Spring 2019) is suitable for "beyond beginners" who are still new to beekeeping. Book today!
Please note: BC Bee Supply reserves the right to postpone or cancel classes that are under-registered.
Book now to secure your spot before they're all gone!
Register by phone at 236-888-1484 (local N. Burnaby) 
Email for Class Availability – 
Starting at $150 per person, plus GST