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Honeybees: Beginners and Beyond the Basics

Ready for Springtime? Want some reminders about what to do next? Need some tips from a Master Beekeeper? Follow this formula for successful beekeeping!

This workshop is for "Beginner" to "Novice" Beekeepers but is totally suitable for those with 0-5 hives already. If you have a little experience with beekeeping already but still feel you need help - this class is perfect for you.

We'll cover some of the basics as well as a few more advanced techniques. This six-hour class includes a live inspection (scheduled for August/Sept 2020, weather permitting). Inquire today!

Starting at $225 per person, including two publications (value of $55)
Next class: August 19 (10am-4pm)
September 23 (10am-4pm)

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot OR book today!

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"Thanks for the refresher course! It's been a few years since I last kept bees so I needed to re-learn some of the basics. And the stuff about colony collapse and pesticides was really good too."

Honeybees: Absolute Beginner Class

This workshop features the ABCs of keeping HONEYBEES! This gentle introduction to bees is for anyone interested in beehives OR getting ready to host or handle honeybees in the city.

Start your beekeeping journey HERE! Whether you love honey, are amazed by honeybees, want to enhance your garden or want to become a beekeeper, this “first step” is a worthwhile one. This four-hour introduction to recreational beekeeping will get you familiar with most topics faced by “backyard beekeepers” in Vancouver, Burnaby and beyond.

Starting at $150 per person
Upcoming classes:

Saturday, September 26 - 10am-2pm

Click the date you are interested in. Or contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot.

"The Basic Beekeeping class was SO GOOD! I learned so much and can't wait to get started this Spring!"

Families who Beekeep together...

This fun and casual workshop features an introduction to the honeybee, products of the hive and hands-on activities that will help kids of all ages understand the value of honeybees, mason bees and other non-stinging pollinator species.

Parents and children, teachers and classmates can learn together about the nutritional value of honey, how versatile beeswax is and what bees mean to neighbourhoods, eco-systems and society at large.

Try to spot the queen bee in an actual observation hive (if available). This class may lead to becoming a future beekeeper!

Starting at $100 per family (up to 4 people)
Next class: to be determined
Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot.

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"Thanks for answering all of my questions about the differences between mason bees and honeybees! I had no idea how easy it seems."

Beeswax Wraps

Learn to make your own wraps.

Learn about bees wax and cling wrap alternatives.

Learn this easy technique and go home with 5 wraps!

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot. All classes are temporarily placed on hold pending health regulation updates.

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Make the best of BEESWAX!

Explore the benefits of using beeswax. Take advantage of some of these benefits:

  • Moisturizing Properties
    Beeswax keeps skin firm and moisturized. Those with rosacea or eczema may find relief with this anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory material.

  • Skin Protection
    Beeswax can protect human skin from irritants from the environment and extreme weather.

  • Hair Growth
    Use beeswax to moisturize and soothe hair. Stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

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Beeswax Candles

Learn to make beeswax candles.

Learn the benefits of 100% beeswax products.

Learn the simple and fun way to use wax, and take home 5 candles!

Please contact us at Info@bcbeesupply.ca to book your own class.

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot. All classes are temporarily placed on hold pending health regulation updates.

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Other classes booked upon request:

Beekeeping: Spring Build-up and Revive the Hive
Beekeeping: Varroa Mite treatments and other pest management
Beekeeping: Winterizing your Hive
DIY: Beeswax Wraps
DIY: Beeswax Candles

Contact us to request more details.

Absolute Beginner Class

New classes just posted!
Choose Date in Summer 2020:

Absolute Beginner Class (ABC)
September 26 (Saturday)

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot.

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Beyond Beginner Class

Get your winterizing advice during this workshop!

An ideal class for 1st year or returning beekeepers...featuring up to 6 hours of a beginner beekeeping class including field time and handling live bees.

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot.

Wednesday August 19 - 10am-4pm
Wednesday September 23


Honeybees, Mason bees and other pollinators Class


Book a family (up to 4 people) at your convenience

Request custom workshop or special appearance at your location

Contact BC Bee Supply to reserve your spot. All classes are temporarily placed on hold pending health regulation updates.

Please note: BC Bee Supply reserves the right to postpone or cancel classes that are under-registered.
Book now to secure your spot before they're all gone!

Register by phone at 236-888-1484
(local North Burnaby/Metro Vancouver number)
Email for Class Availability – Info@BCBeeSupply.ca


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